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Cute Anthropomorphic Buttons


I’ve been working on some minor laser projects, and I’ve neglected the blog long enough. Here’s a quick and easy laser treat for you.

A set of laser cut buttons! Mostly anthropomorphic, there not as engineered as a lot of my projects, but I think they are fun.

Download the files to make your own here here: CutButtons-v1.zip (1.6mb)


Meet the buttons:

IMG_1888 Sad button

Sad button is sad.
IMG_1888 Happy Vampire and/or Monster

Even though this monster has sharp teeth, he’s happy to see you.
IMG_1888 Creative button

Sew where you want!
IMG_1888 Tiny Gaunt Skull

X’s for the eyes make this one for me.

Note: for the double X, only penetrate the cloth on the inner four holes.
IMG_1888 Dead Man

Just dead, not too scary.

Alternate: Make the eyes square with thread for “Stunned Guy”.
IMG_1888 Robot Head

This button may or may not be hyper-intelligent.
IMG_1888 Crazy Button

You can tell this button is crazy because the mouth is tilted
IMG_1888 Well Fed Skull

Less gaunt with tiny eyes.
IMG_1888 Crazy Happy

Happy and Crazed.
IMG_1888 Pig Nose Boy

You can see it right?

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