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November 2011 Entries

Making a party photo booth

I recently had a party where I setup a photo studio where everyone at the party could take photos of themselves anytime with a foot switch. It was a lot of fun, a big hit with everyone, and I ended up with over 600 photos on my camera for the night. Everyone enjoyed the photo booth, and friends are still commenting on how much they liked it a month later. It was also a great icebreaker for people that have never met. The size of the booth also made it friendly for small groups so that anyone with...

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Cute Anthropomorphic Buttons

I’ve been working on some minor laser projects, and I’ve neglected the blog long enough. Here’s a quick and easy laser treat for you. A set of laser cut buttons! Mostly anthropomorphic, there not as engineered as a lot of my projects, but I think they are fun. Download the files to make your own here here: CutButtons-v1.zip (1.6mb)   Meet the buttons: Sad button ...

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