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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Interview on Open Hardware Junkies and Museum Exhibit

I was recently interviewed on a new podcast called Open Source Hardware Junkies about the Jansen walker, we talked about the walker, CAD and laser cutters. It was fun and you should check it out.


Also, I’m taking the opportunity to post these photos from the exhibit the my “Jansen Walker” and a Theo Jansen original Strandbeest last fall.

R0015446 R0015447
R0015448 R0015464 

It was Jansen Walker built to my design in the an exhibition at the Verbeke Foundation. (www.verbekefoundation.com)

(It's the version built by hexman, Kurt Van Houtte, Ghent)

The exhibition was about copies VS. original art and the attitude of artists towards reproductions.

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