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May 2011 Entries

4volt.com is 10 Years Old

In April 4volt.com turned 10 years old, that’s a whole decade of weird stuff, lots of posts and files. Here’s a picture of me modding a PlayStation in 2001, at the time this site was just getting started and the internet was a relative wild wasteland. I’ve also moved this site to a new server after running it for 2.5 years on a server in my basement. Here are some fun facts about stats over the last couple years: Total hits: 14,286,663 Average hit size: 32.53kb Total Visitors: 907,787 Browsers...

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This Cupcake is a Lie

With the recent release of Portal 2 and a birthday of a friend of mine, I wanted to do a portal themed laser something to give him. Sometimes the simplest projects are the most fun. What I came up with is this, a small flag you can put in your cupcakes or other baked goods. Yes, I know cake does not make a appearance in Portal 2, but it is still my favorite Portal reference and is well known. I made mine with white acrylic, which is easy to clean and is durable enough to reuse...

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Online Shop and 4volt Ponoko Showroom

A few months ago I dropped my online store here, mostly because it was too much work for me to cut and ship the Jansen Walker parts, and I was basically losing money in the process. However, I’ve decided to put up a Ponoko Showroom that you can support the site with and buy some of the cool things I make here. I’m still planning on releasing most or all of my deigns freely, but Ponoko will cut and send them to you. So check it out at: ponoko.com/showroom/4volt Have fun!

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Interview on Open Hardware Junkies and Museum Exhibit

I was recently interviewed on a new podcast called Open Source Hardware Junkies about the Jansen walker, we talked about the walker, CAD and laser cutters. It was fun and you should check it out. http://opensourcehardwarejunkies.com/2011/05/jansen-walker/ Also, I’m taking the opportunity to post these photos from the exhibit the my “Jansen Walker” and a Theo Jansen original Strandbeest last fall.      It was Jansen Walker built to my design in the an exhibition at the Verbeke Foundation. (www.verbekefoundation.com) (It's the version built by hexman, Kurt Van Houtte, Ghent) The exhibition...

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