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DIY Camera Hand Strap

DIY Camera Hand Strap

Camera hand straps are a handy accessory to have, they can make your camera setup quite a bit less bulky by getting rid of a bulky shoulder strap, and still keeping some safety by making it harder for the camera to slip out of your hand.

So the straps are pretty simple, they go from your tripod mount to the shoulder strap on the grip side of your camera.

The cost is pretty low, you can get enough velcro and bolts to make 10 of these for about 10 dollars. I happened to have all this stuff laying around from past projects, so my cost was 0.

I went about designing my own strap that is cheap and effective, and requires no sewing.

You’ll need:

  1. 2ft double sided Velcro, or generic hook and loop material.
    For this design you’ll need the type with hooks on one side and loops on the other, the width of the strap will be the width of the handle
  2. 1, 1/4in 20 pitch thread screw, 1/2 inch long
  3. 2, 1/4in washers
  4. A ring or clasp, big enough for the Velcro
  5. Scissor or utility knife

Tools Needed



1. Cut a 4 inch strip of the velcro, and make 3, quarter inch slits in the fabric

Cut three holes Cross cut holes


2. Put the ring on the strap and fold it so all three holes line up, then put the screw with the two washers though all three holes

The washers will make the strap twist easier while screwed into the mount

The ring will allow for strap adjustment later. This one is a solid metal piece that I found the in the rope section of a home improvement store (Lowes). Optionally, you could use a large keychain ring or anything similar.

Bottom strap complete


3. Screw into the tripod mount on your camera so we can size the hand strap

Bottom strap attached


4. Run the velcro though the ring and estimate how much material is needed to reach the shoulder strap mount point, then cut the velcro to approximately 3x that length.

Sizing handle length


5. Measure how wide your shoulder strap mount point is, and cut down the velcro to that width for 1/3rd of the length of the strap

Sizing handle width


6. Make a loop through the shoulder mount and the bottom ring, adjust the loop to fit your hand, with the soft side out

 Loop though sholder strap Loop though bottom ring


7. Cut two or more strips of velcro to about 3x the width of the velcro, wrap those strips around the main loop for a little extra padding and to keep the loop fixed together

Sized strap holders Holder loop 1 Holder loop 2



You can resize the strap anytime just by un-sticking the velcro and adjusting the main loop.

Here’s what the strap looks like on my friends Nikon D700, a fairly large, body camera. After a short day of active shooting, it was deemed effective.

I also have a variation on my t2i, a smaller body where I replaced the bottom ring with a strap snap from a old discarded duffel bag.

IMG_6897 (Web) IMG_6899 (Web)

If you make one one of these straps send me a photo of it I would love to see it.

Thanks to Alex of Skidmore Bluffs for lending a second camera and being an impromptu hand model.


Have fun and take some photos!

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# re: DIY Camera Hand Strap

This is awesome. The hinge made in first few steps for the camera is itself going to fulfill a lot of strap requirements. Super cool....wonder why this didnt come to my thought before! :D
3/20/2011 10:56 PM | Bimal

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