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JP Image Book 2009

jp09 cover

Every year I release a small “Image Book” of my favorite pictures, images and art. Some of the images I’ve published here, some are new to you.

To see last years edition see: Image Book 2008

As always I’m releasing the PDF for free, download and enjoy it.

I also have a printed version in limited quantity, and if you like my work and want to support what I do. I’m offering a printed version of this book as a thank-you for US donors, while I still have supplies.

Soon I'll be buying a new camera, my old camera is now about 5 years old, and has served me well over that time, but it is time for a new one. Any money you donate, I'll put right towards that camera.

So donate and and I’ll send you one! Be sure to mention it in your note, and include an address.


Otherwise here’s the files, download and enjoy:

Image Book 2009 (Print Quality, 56MB)

Image Book 2009 (Web Quality, 12MB)

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