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Laser Toy Blocks

Blocks Detail

For Christmas this year I made some custom toy blocks with friends and family initials.

The blocks were cut from square wood stock into 1.25in cubes. The stock I used was indented for banisters, and had peg ends, but they were easily cut off.

I made a batch of both Oak and Fir. Oak turned out fine, and is what is pictured here. The Fir blocks came out with a more slightly more desirable finish since the end grain was more smooth after sanding.

Blocks in case Many blocks


First I taped down a 3mm (1/8th in) board and cut the appropriate number of squares at the same size as the blocks.

Cutting a grid instead of a single square helped to keep each block in the right spot for engraving.

The last task was to choose the fonts that would appear on each side of the block then lay out 6 versions of the same letters but different fonts to engrave on each side.

I chose some initial fonts from dafont.com, choosing the fonts was half of the fun.

IMG_3560 IMG_3557

IMG_3558 IMG_3555


I made a custom version of my original papercraft folded box, check the included zip file for a box that fits 3 1.25in blocks perfectly (33x99mm).

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# re: Laser Toy Blocks

I really like the blocks....good idea. Can you tell a little more about the laser, we have been using a home made CNC route on wood. We'd like to get started with a laser to but no idea where to begin... whats good and whats not, whats too expensive and whats too cheap?
Any good links or advice is greatly appriciated..
10/14/2010 10:51 AM | Ramsay

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