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JP Collected Works 2009

At the beginning of December each year I start collecting material for an anthology of my work of the year, the last couple years it’s been largely photography, but this last year I’ve taken less photos and produced more “things”, many I’ve posted about here.

You can download the PDF of last-year’s book at: Image Book 2008

So how many files is a year’s worth of work? This year for me it’s 25,470. Now, if I could only post more often.


If you are interested in this years book, please leave a comment, so I can gauge interest.

Plus, if I’m feeling generous at the end of the year, I may send you one on my own dime.

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# re: JP Collected Works 2009

Wow! when I read about this book project for 2009, I thought it was just some little thing you'd throw together and well, that frankly it wouldn't be that interesting. After looking at your 2008 book, all I can say is you absolutely MUST do one for 2009 as well. You could surf Flickr streams all day and not see such a nice dynamic range of photos. Excellent work for 2008, and I'm sure I speak for many when I say that I can't wait to see the 2009 version!

Get busy on it! :)

And thanks for a great 2008 version!

P.S. Yes, blog more often please!

12/9/2009 8:27 PM | Robert Gallop

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