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November 2009 Entries

Making a $1,000 laser into a $10,000 laser

      If you follow this blog you’ll know I do a lot of stuff with my cheap $1,000 dollar Chinese laser engraver/cutter. I’ve had it for almost a year, and I think I can clearly define all it’s shortcomings. Cutting area is small (8x8in) Controller software is poor Laser power control is manual Poor ventilation for fumes Poor/no laser cooling system Not very fast with engraving tasks Keeping all those things in mind, I’ve decided to start planning a re-build of my laser using...

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US Droid + Root = Multitouch?

After having the new Motorola Droid for about a week, I've been very impressed with it’s features, usability, and experience. Previously I was using a windows mobile phone, and as far as usability goes, Android is leaps and bounds better then even the latest (6.5) version of Windows Mobile. Although, when I show my phone to an iPhone users, they generally complain about the lack of multitouch, especially in the web browser, and the on-screen keyboard. I think that feature alone will end up being a major sticking point when people talk about switching from the iPhone to the Droid. As you...

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