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Rubber Coating Laser-cut Plastic Parts

When building the Jansen Walker I coated the feet for better traction, I didn't go into much detail then but I wanted to show the whole process here.

Laser cut acrylic parts are pretty slippery, especially on hard surfaces and fabrics. For parts that need good traction, like legs and wheels, it’s nice to have a little extra something.

I used plasti-dip, it’s a rubberizing dip that’s designed for dipping tool handles and it works great with laser cut acrylic.

Plasti-Dip Dipping

I used 3 coats and dried them hanging up, the tricky part is hanging them without touching any other parts.

Wet Wet

The dip shrinks considerably after drying, it’s thicker then latex paint, but not by much. I used three coats to build up a good base. Above is the wet size, below is dried.

Dry IMG_1996

The final product seemed to work great, I'm sure I’ll continue to use this technique on future projects. It’s easy and cheap.

IMG_2046 (edited)

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# re: Rubber Coating Laser-cut Plastic Parts

Hi there,

I am just writing to let you know I have just given you a mention in a post on the Ponoko blog at blog.ponoko.com/.../how-to-rubber-coat-laser-cu...

I came across it as part of my PhD research into mass customisation and the democratisation of product design, and thought it worth sharing.

Please feel free to contact me with any additional information or if you’d like to clarify anything, please let me know.

A little bit of background for you ... Ponoko has set out to reinvent how goods are designed, made and distributed worldwide. Our website connects consumers and retailers with designers, manufacturers and materials suppliers to deliver goods, made-on-demand direct from digital design files in the greenest way possible. Our service saves 90% of the time and 50% of the costs to make and market goods, while retailers get a zero investment / zero inventory wholesale service and consumers get individualized goods. You can find out more here: http://www.ponoko.com/about/the-big-idea

Thank you
5/27/2009 4:17 PM | duann Scott

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