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Laser Cut Calipers

5 - Measure (square)

Here are plans for a simple caliper, handy to have around the shop for measuring thickness and diameters. Anytime I can build something that helps me build something else I am always pleased.

The plans should be as accurate as your cutter or printer is, I actually used this project as a calibration for my laser.

If you don't have a laser you can print the PDF and glue the paper down to any flat material and cut it by hand.

In the case of a laser, I engraved the markings and painted them, then sanded off the extra paint, for more details on the method see: Laser Engraving with Highlight Paint.

After the paint is dried and sanded, assembly is simple. The lower caliper arm is bolted to the other sliding parts with 4- m3 bolts. The lower caliper arm has a few millimeters of adjustment space so you can change how tight the slide is.

Check out the plans and details at 4volt.com/projects/calipers/



1 - Paint 2 - Sanding  4 - Number Detail 6 - Full View

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# re: Laser Cut Calipers

Upgrade possibilities for version 2:

Vernier scale. If you overlay the two halves of the vernier scale you get a moire pattern.

Cut springs on the backside spacer so you don't need to fiddle so much with the screws to adjust the tightness.
5/17/2009 9:04 AM | Viadd

# re: Laser Cut Calipers

Nice. Possible typo, did you mean 'calibration' instead of 'collaboration'? Cheers...jef
5/17/2009 6:49 PM | jef

# re: Laser Cut Calipers

It is great to see what creation you've come up with, using your laser cutter. I agree with @Viadd that some tweaks will be great, namely adding a vernier scale - the moire pattern sounds like an awesome idea. The screws are just too finicky, so cutting springs on the backside spacer, utilizing the natural elasticity of the plastic and good old friction to keep things in place without needing to tighten little screws.

I'm new to your blog, and am having fun looking at all your work. Keep it up, I will be back for more!

8/26/2010 5:07 PM | Laser Cutting

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