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Laser Cut Coin and New Marking Technique

I took a break from my Jansen Walker project to do a few other smaller projects, and one of them was this membership coin for a Lovecraft board game a few of my friends have been playing. The coin says “Secret Society of Arkham” and has a little icon of Cthulhu.

Getting text on laser cut acrylic is hard to see unless you are looking at a specific angle, and kind of leaves something to be desired. I wanted distinct black engraving on the acrylic.

My new technique involves engraving the item, painting the whole part, then after drying sanding the paint off. This will leave paint in all the engraved crevices.

This gives the plastic clear letters and a matte finish, it looks pretty cool in my opinion.

Coin Before Coin After Cthulhu and the Secret Society of Arkham

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# re: Laser Cut Coin and New Marking Technique

I took my coin to work and let the quietest kid during nap-time carry about the "Pirate Coin." Quite nice and it fits snugly in my wallet. Very cool.
5/17/2009 10:45 PM | Robotic

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