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New Laser-cut Business Card


I went to the first MAKE:PDX meeting on Sunday and decided I should have some business cards to give out, so I whipped these up really quick. I’m able to cut 10 of these from one standard piece of letter-sized cardstock.

I was pleased at how thin I was able to get the stencil markings on the letters to be, when you see the card your don’t immediately think the letters are stencil-cut. I suppose if one were more vandalism-oriented then I am, one could use the card to spray-paint the 4volt logo all around town.

About the logo, it’s 4 squares with a V in the center iconography for 4volt, but seeing peoples reactions to the cards, I'm not sure if they got it and often held the card upside down. Maybe it’s to abstract to be a good informational icon.

There was some frantic work on the Jansen walker the morning before the meeting, but I wasn’t able to solve the problem of battery storage and linking the servos to the drive train. I hope to have it completed for the Dorkbot meeting next Monday.

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# re: New Laser-cut Business Card

With your laser cutter. How do you avoid the black edges when cutting paper or card? Is it something to do with air assist?
6/5/2009 8:14 AM | Carl

# re: New Laser-cut Business Card

I use the lowest possible setting and get the focus as close to perfect as possible. With both of those set right there is still slight darker edge, but is almost un-noticeable when you are looking at the card. Also, I suspect that air-assist would blow the cut pieces of the card around, though I don't actually have that feature on my laser.
6/5/2009 8:57 AM | jeremy

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