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Laser Engraving with Highlight Paint

Last week I posted about a coin that I laser engraved and enhanced with some paint, but did not post step by step instructions. With a recent project for Midnight Research Labs, I had a chance to take some more pictures.

I engraved the coin in the regular way and then painted over the whole sheet with a standard acrylic spray-paint.
Engraved sheet Painted sheet

After the paint dried over night I used a random-orbital sander to sand off the excess paint. I also sanded the back sides of the coin so the back finish matches the front matte.

Front side of sheet Back side of sheet

Here is the coin after cleaning, as you can see the paint stays in the engraved areas very well.

Coin and Token Coin and Token with MM Ruler

The small square token is a QR-code encoded with a secret message, I included it to use up some of the extra space, as well as test the resolution of the engraving.

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# re: Laser Engraving with Highlight Paint

Hey is there any chance you would part with one of those geek coins or no? I will pay whatever you think is fair I think they are all killer w/ no filler.

Grady Neel
5/17/2009 8:03 AM | Grady Neel

# "secret message" in the QR code

It's just a link to http://midnightresearch.com/, no?

Cool technique. How long does it take to sand the paint off? How do you avoid having all the pieces fall out of the substrate when you take it out of the laser? (Or do you carefully put them all back to sand them?)
5/17/2009 1:57 PM | Dan

# re: Laser Engraving with Highlight Paint

Yupp you got it, kind of a fun encoding of the URL, nothing to fancy. It's really only secret as so far as it's not written in ascii.

As for sanding, I just put them back in the sheet they were cut from, that part was a lot less tedious then the sanding which I spent maybe an hour on for 64 coins.
5/17/2009 8:40 PM | Jeremy

# re: Laser Engraving with Highlight Paint

how about coating the material first with a repellent- then laser engraving - painting-drying-wiping. A bit like a Batik technique.

11/25/2009 2:45 PM | RxS

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